giovedì 30 agosto 2012

you're waiting for a sign, the fact is faith is blind.

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Dio, ho così sonno da provare del dolore fisico. E ho una voglia sconfinata di gelato noce e nocciola, il secondo mi repelle e il primo è un gusto per vecchi che non trovo da nessuna parte, perché la dieta e l'esistenza debbono essere così complicate!

Voglio trascorrere la mia vita a scrivere dei kink dell'altra gente.

Prompt: Derek/Stiles, Shopping for the Baby
I work in retail and I had to work in the kids department tonight, so.Derek and Stiles are expecting. They head out to a mall/department store/wherever to shop for supplies - crib, car seat, etc. Somehow, the entire pack manages to come along and help pick out things for the baby. Derek's just glad he has plenty of money, 'cause he's fairly certain more than half of the stuff being put into carts isn't even necessary.It'd be cool if it's told from an outsider's POV who's trying to figure out which girl is pregnant and oh, that guy's middle is a bit rounded. But being told from Derek/Stiles/pack member's POV is totally more than okay, too. I just need this fic in my life in any way, shape, or form.
Fill: (813) for halloween i should be pregnant. what is scarier than that?! 

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